About Me

dyn007_original_850_823_pjpeg_2669534_19d3b4f3f07e3c46de5eb0f2030ad32d.jpgName : Tim
Nicknames: Joker (79) , Silverbold (21)

My eyes are blue / I have blond hair

I'm 1.86 m high / I weigh 95 kg

Hobby: Drawing, eating/cooking, Cars, Car HiFI,
           Music, pc & Xbox360,Manga/Anime(collecting), photography,
           rebuilding my house,...
Date of birth: 21 / nov 1979 (Very old Tong uitsteken)


my favorite manga/anime:Bleach/ Dragon Ball /Shadow Skill, and ...

Manga & Anime collecting sinds i was 8 years old(1987)

My Blog: sharing pictures ,every series that 's on my blog I have in Manga or Anime

Have lots of pictures:collecting manga/anime pictures from when I was 13 Years old(for over 17 years bestand manga.jpg now!!)

This is what I have on 1 of my pc's, al sorted from a => z (date 07/01/2011)







One of my other hobbies:

sized_IMG_1271.JPGIMG_1286.JPGIMG_1344.JPGabout meabout me








about meabout me








Tunning and building my pc's


Making My Game Room








Drawing & painting+photography









about meabout me

about me

about me










riding my bikes








rebuilding my house(old pics ,are from summer2010)









New electricity + internetkabels, wals,plumbing,flooring,painting,roof isolation,all done by me

Just the bathroom,and kitchen aren't finished(date 7/01/2011)



My Cars/Motor bikes

Golf GT 3 TDi(1995) ,Peugeot 309 XS 1.6 Weber Carb(1988),Seat Leon TDi (2004)

Yamaha Bop 3 Gears 80cc (197X??)(looks like a Honda Dax only bigger), Suzuki DR 400(1980), Piagio NTT 65cc (1995)

mp 003.jpgCONVAR84.jpgCONVAR69.jpgmp 004.jpgoc13_013.jpgoc13_015.jpg





Image58l.jpgImage13l.jpgImage65l.jpgThe Golf is not on the road, new music system is

getting in, and a lot other stuff...

in the summer of 2011 it will be finished(i hope!!)



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